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[Accepted] -Minge Appeal- - The All Knowing Dieabeetus - 10-10-2016

-Minge Appeal-

-Player Information-
Steam Name: The All Knowing Dieabeetus
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39929319 55:07

previous rank: IDK
Total time on server:  3:30:38

-Admin Information-
Admin Steam Name: D3|Conky
Admin Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:31113878

Date Minged (DD/MM/YY): 18/05/11
Minge Reason: Messing with explosives wrongly, crashed server, put props in players faces, etc...

-Player Interview-
My punishment should be lifted, becuse when I was 10 years old I went on to this server to mess around with wire mod. I dont remember the specifics of what I did but I do remember wiring a button to and explosve, this was the first ever wiremod creation i have ever made. I was very proud of it and kept spaming it for no reason, keep in mind I was only 10. Also there was no admin at the time
and when one did get online some guy told him a bunch of bulshit of how i was crashing the server and fucking around with people. So yeah Im not rly saying that I didnt diserver the ming but I can assure that I wont do the same shit I did 5 years from now.

-Offender Agreement (mark the boxes to agree)-
I have re-read all of the guidelines (found here) and am willing to follow them once more[X]

I realize that since I have been minged, the way my punishments are weighted will be different 
and the punishment of committing another offence will more likely be permanent

RE: -Minge Appeal- - Augusté - 10-10-2016

you seem like a nice guy
Also, this was around D3, thats pretty long, which reinforces why I +1'd



RE: -Minge Appeal- - s0mmer - 10-12-2016

5 years...

RE: -Minge Appeal- - Dragonborn the Wolf - 10-13-2016

5 years? jesus, thats the longest I seen

+2 Support

RE: -Minge Appeal- - Christian - 10-14-2016

yea ++Support

RE: -Minge Appeal- - Augusté - 10-14-2016

Current score is 7/15
Good luck, mate!

RE: -Minge Appeal- - Dragonborn the Wolf - 11-03-2016

Almost been a month since Spookbot posted

Current score is still at


RE: -Minge Appeal- - [IJWTB] Thomas - 11-30-2016

This appeal has been open for quite some time by accident. Considering that it is in the positive and that the offense took place ~5 years ago, I will accept this appeal.

Bear in mind that since you have been previously minged, your actions will be watched more closely and the consequences of your next offense could be permanent.