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[ACCEPTED] Falofa's Minge Appeal - Falofa_ - 01-07-2017

-Player Information-
Your Steam Name: Falofa
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54702526
Your previous rank (if you know it): Starter
Total time on server (hh:mm): 1:52
-Admin Information-
Admin Steam Name: Mr. Taco
Admin Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:21707646
Date Minged (DD/MM/YY): Aug 04, 2015 8:34:52 PM
Minge Reason: “Spawning server lagger E2's 4+ times over the course of several hours.”
-Player Interview-
Why should your punishment be lifted, and why should we trust you after what you did? (Please elaborate - minimum effort will negatively affect your appeal):
About a year ago I made an E2 that would cause lag by spawning props inside each other and used it on the server, I agree that what I did was unacceptable and the punishment I got was well deserved, but since then I’ve come to understand that it was unfun and ruined the game for everyone.
At the time I was immature and irresponsible and now that I had time to change I would like to be given another chance to prove that I can be a member of the IJWTB community.
-Offender Agreement (mark the boxes to agree)-
I have re-read all of the guidelines (found here) and am willing to follow them once more: [x]
I realize that since I have been minged, the way my punishments are weighted will be different
and the punishment of committing another offence will more likely be permanent: [x]



RE: Minge Appeal - s0mmer - 01-07-2017

Good appeal, good luck.

RE: Minge Appeal - Dragonborn the Wolf - 01-10-2017

There was a server lagger e2? Are minges really moving from stacker to e2 now?
Well, anyways, seeing as you was minged for almost 1.5 years...

+2 Support

RE: Minge Appeal - Noorquacker - 01-14-2017

The minge subspecies have been slowly advancing and evolving from normal Q menu spam to Stacker tool and now...the E2...
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]Evolution has come a long way...maybe ZCPU is next...who knows...

RE: Minge Appeal - daigennki - 01-14-2017

Been some time, fair enough reason. ++Support


RE: Minge Appeal - s0mmer - 02-07-2017

This has been around for almost a month. Shouldn't we take a decision?

RE: Minge Appeal - [IJWTB] Thomas - 02-19-2017

Sorry for the extreme delay.

Your appeal has been up for over a month and you've been extremely patient about it. Since the appeal stands in the positive, I will consider this accepted.

Please be aware that since you have been previously minged, your actions will be more closely watched. We still remember your alternate account, Azul STEAM_0:1:120094509, which was permanently banned when you joined with it after getting minged in 2015. I sincerely hope you won't try something like that again, as your next punishment will likely be permanent (no appeal).