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[ACCEPTED] Third and Final Appeal - chef - 03-19-2017

-Player Information-
Forgot previous rank

-Admin Information-
Meowler Tails Prower

Minged somewhere around 2 years ago.

Quote from minge list:
"Abusing the votekick system eight times, votekick reasons where racists towards other players, ramming other players, prop blocking, annoying players, and spamming explosives"

Also made an alternate account to bypass punishment the week after recieving.
-Player Interview-
It's been atleast 2 years since I was minged. I was 13 then and I'm 16 now, so I think I might have learned just simple life lessons if not what I have learned from being minged. Hell, most people that were active back then have left the server. Time heals all wounds. Since being minged, I have learned from my punishment, and grown as a person overall. I'm begging for a fresh start to this server that I dearly loved in the past.

-Offender Agreement (mark the boxes to agree)-
I have re-read all of the guidelines (found here) and am willing to follow them once more: [X]

I realize that since I have been minged, the way my punishments are weighted will be different 
and the punishment of committing another offence will more likely be permanent

RE: Third and Final Appeal - Panic - 03-19-2017

If you truely have learned your leason you can come back on to the server in my opinon.
(Note: This is only 1 support not 2)

Due to all of the new posts on here, I'm changing this to x2 Support, BUT, if you screw this up you will not get a third chance.
++Support (x2 Support)


RE: Third and Final Appeal - Dragonborn the Wolf - 03-21-2017

Dont know if the driver corruption ate your 2nd appeal, but as of what I can see right now, this is your 2nd

From what I seen in the appeal you made 2 years ago, you used a alt account to bypass the minge, which was the downfall of your appeal, but seeing 2 years had pass, I guess its time to give you another chance, just dont blow it

+2 Support

 So after what I seen in Meowler's post, I believe I'm just gonna remove my vote until something comes up



RE: Third and Final Appeal - Meep - 03-28-2017

As far as I am concerned, Chef (aka STEAM_0:0:32055670) should remain a minge. Remember, this player did the following actions: Abusing the votekick system eight times, votekick reasons, and to tap it all off using an alt account to bypass the minge system. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, chef is getting no support from me. -3 Support.

Current Score: -0 Support 

RE: Third and Final Appeal - Caketaco - 04-30-2017

If I could add only +½Support, I would.

2 years seems long...ish...

I believe in second chances,

but all of those reasons for being banned...

I'll +Support  for now. I may change this.

Current Score: -1/15



RE: Third and Final Appeal - Banjo Jones - 05-02-2017

Ech, i agree with Meowler, abuse of the votekick system is a pretty major thing.
-1 Support
-2/15 Support

RE: Third and Final Appeal - Christian - 05-06-2017

You didn't actually give any other reasons than "time heals wounds" and that "you've grown up" from your past behaviour. While it seems as if it should be enough it still bothers me that you didn't manage to give any more concrete reasons why considering what you did. Unless you can add to your current appeal I'll remain Neutral

Due to low activity and since many people seem to be leaning for positive I'll change my stance to ++Support, 2 years is a long time and considering the fact that you've made 3 appeals shows dedication.

RE: Third and Final Appeal - Planesman22 - 05-14-2017


Is hard to word "I've leanred from my mistakes"  to match this appeal format.

Since he've minged two years ago(and is generally accepting about his mistakes), he should be given a second chance.

Those who've voted neutral, feel free to debate this with me on steam chat.



RE: Third and Final Appeal - s0mmer - 05-14-2017

I agree with P22. Two years is enough to learn from your mistakes, and I think he should be given a second chance.

RE: Third and Final Appeal - Dragonborn the Wolf - 05-29-2017

3/15+ Support

current score right now

RE: Third and Final Appeal - TheMegalo - 06-02-2017

(05-29-2017, 08:50 AM)'Dragonborn the Wolf' Wrote: 3/15+ Support

current score right now


Actually, at the time of this post it's +4

side note: Please don't tally supports, it just confuses others and populates threads with unneeded posts. Leave that work to the staff who make the final decision.

RE: Third and Final Appeal - NightHawk475 [IJWTB] - 06-05-2017

I can understand what two years may change. Based on the time elapsed alone I am already inclined to support. The fact you actually came and filled out the application correctly and admit it was wrong make it enough for me.
And so I'll give my full ++2Support

RE: Third and Final Appeal - [IJWTB] Thomas - 08-06-2017

You have a really nasty record of offenses, including 4 warnings and 5 bans (2014-2015), plus joining on an alternate account after being minged.
However, the community is being forgiving and wants to give you another chance.

I will cautiously consider this accepted.
However, considering your very troubling past, any more major screw-ups will more than likely result in permanent punishment, no appeals.
Your actions will be closely watched, so it is in your interest best to be on your best behavior from now on.