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Welcome to the new forum - [IJWTB] Thomas - 04-29-2018

If you haven't been following updates in the Discord server ( which you should join, by the way: https://discord.ijwtb.net ), I have been working on upgrading the forum and adding useful features that the older forum couldn't use.

I chose not to keep using our old theme and instead picked a new one and modified it heavily so that things are more modern and less cluttered.

I haven't added links to stuff like https://sandbox.ijwtb.net/bans yet, so that's next on my to-do list.

If you have any issues on the forum, such as basic functionality not working (registering, posting, viewing images, etc), please let me know either on Steam, Discord, or here.

RE: Welcome to the new forum - Rainbow Wings - 04-30-2018

Amazing work you did there. Cool Is there a chance that the newest threads, that have been created recently aren't completely lost?

RE: Welcome to the new forum - [IJWTB] Thomas - 04-30-2018

I posted this in Discord but forgot to mention it here:


(CKEditor is not liking images for some reason. Will have to see if I can fix it).

RE: Welcome to the new forum - [IJWTB] Thomas - 05-02-2018

Some things that I have noticed/had pointed out that need to be fixed:

- Image uploading via CKEditor is broken (upload fails)
- Image embedding via CKEditor is not working properly (posts link instead of actually embedding)
- Some users' avatars have weird dimensions being set on them, possibly one of the plugins
- Some Font Awesome 5 icons are broken (will fix this in a sec)
- Clicking your user name tried to go to "ucp.php" rather than correctly using forum URL + "usercp.php" (fixed)
- Avatar and post info is a little screwy on some of the places I forgot to edit (e.g. usercp_latest_threads_threads, search_results_threads_thread)