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Long ban, and understanding. - Bero - 06-29-2019

-Player Information-
Your Steam Name: Ozen 
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:447812665

-Ban reason-
punishment request for Ozen, whom will receive a 4-week ban for uncountable, repeated mic spamming offenses over several months AND for use of racism via E2 streamCore.

-My Interview-
Hey all. I understand, what I did was wrong and I should have said it to begin with, the E2 was something I was just fooling around with (as most of us do) and maybe got a little bit carried away with it. I just wanted to apologize whoever was effected from it by any chance, I've deleted it as a result due to the racism nonsense that I caused. As for the mic-spam I did it for fun. For now on I think i'll avoid doing it seeing it somehow caused this, maybe I did go a little too far with it. But what I don't get is everyone mic-spams here, worse then me at times, I kinda feel you know, "targeted" in my opinion. My point here is i'd like to follow the rules more and be apart of this community. 

-Offender Agreement-
I have read all of the guidelines (found here), and am willing to follow them once more: [✓]

I realize that now that I have been banned, the way my punishments are weighted are different, and if I commit another offense, my punishment will more likely be permanent: [✓]

Thank you so much for such an amazing server, don't think I would have found one quite like this one.

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - Darhkhen - 06-29-2019

++support   I also feel it was a bit long and Ozen is right when he said other people also do it and micspam worse, like there's been people that was'nt Ozen that i had to take my earbuds out for because it was so loud or spammy. Also about the targeting thing; I DM'd Megalo shortly after the morning of the ban and got no response whatsoever. Usually staff are sposed to respond. I rest my case that his term should be at least shortened if not removed. We all know its usually just joking around or  just having fun  that does stuff. The reason micspam  hasnt been worried about  is that nobody really felt it was micspam and was okay with it until the ban requester joined and never came back. 

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - TheNerdyBoy - 06-29-2019

++support. he's right when everyone else does it, so why does he have to get a month ban of all people?

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - ❣Queen Nora❣ - 06-29-2019

++support. I agree here I find it bit unfair that he got a month ban when people did this stuff before

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - SnowWhalez - 06-29-2019

++support. It is apparent to me that ozen has already learned his lesson. This ban of over a month is far too long. That being said ozen I expect no further tomfoolery with e2.

The micspam is a whole other thing entirely. I don’t feel that ozen was doing anything out of line over the mic. It was light micspam playing a few songs over it. Nothing annoying either. Nothing that would deserve a ban of this length.

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - Myra - 06-29-2019


A four week ban is defiantly way too long for something as silly as micspam and e2. I agree with what others said that it should at least be shortened, if not removed entirely. He has already served (almost) a week.

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - Morphist - 06-29-2019


1 month for wii music is crazy, plus there are so many other people who micspam but never got punished, Micspam goes wayy back to 2016 (before Ozen even joined the server) when it became a "Tradition". I've seen many people micspam EVEN WHILE STAFF WERE ON. And all they got was a mute and maybe a warn. Why does only Ozen get punished harshly for this?

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - Corkie - 06-29-2019

++ Support

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - Logzombie - 06-29-2019

Truthfully I still don't fully understand as to why Ozen was the only one punished in this specific situation and not others included on the subject of Mic-spam. This is of course excluding any E2 shenanigans.

But on the subject of Mic-spam, going back to what Morphist said: "I've seen many people mic-spam EVEN WHILE STAFF WERE ON. And all they got was a mute and maybe a warn." I've been doing the same around staff on the server and never even got WARNED for it. Not once. And only NOW are the staff actually caring whether or not mic-spam is allowed. Hell, I've had some members of staff even join in at some points. 

Frankly it raises suspicion to me of why Ozen is the only one to get punished, and unlike my case, warned in the first place for this in recent events, so quite frankly I must give my +Support because of that part in particular. 

I'm also starting to question after the last post if giving positive or negative Support even changes anything considering 90% of negative support was given, yet everything was decided by 1 person. But that's a discussion for another time.

RE: Long ban, and understanding. - RadioJackal - 06-29-2019


RE: Long ban, and understanding. - Meep - 06-29-2019

Based on what everyone has said, i actually agree with the reasons given above, and feel that this ban is not really necessary what so ever, as players mic spam all the time whether or not staff are on the server, that's why we have the client mute button in place. With regards to the E2, I feel it is something that we as a community should look into and hopefully try to implement something to prevent it from happening again, such as preventing an e2 from targeting another player without permission. I don't know if its possible to implement something like that into our aegis system, but I think it would be a good start. Anyway, I feel that Ozen has learned is lesson and having said that, I will give my full support on this matter. +++Support for you Ozen. This make the support +18 Support, which makes this appeal ACCEPTED.