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pwned by random alt-detector????? - jerry - 04-26-2020

-Player Information-
Your Steam Name: lenn
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:453356413

-Admin Information-
Admin's Steam Name: (Console)
Admin's Steam ID: (BOT)

-Player Interview-
Admin's reason for banning you: Banned for being a alt account?

Why should your punishment be lifted, and why should we have to trust you after what you did? (Elaborate - minimum effort will not be tolerated):
Whatever you think, i don't know if your server has a anti-alt system, But i can assure you that this account is NOT a alt of my friends account: STEAM_0:1:12347527, The steamid belongs to a friend by me who messes around on servers when he gets bored, This happened randomly somewhere in april but if you already know how come i'm banned please tell me <_<. + Our ip's don't match so something sure as hell went wrong, for your convenience this might because i was part of being a troll on a server, (I just want to ask why this account is targetted as a alt of my friends account, thnx u)

-Offender Agreement (mark the boxes to agree)-
I have read all of the guidelines (found here), and am willing to follow them once more: [Yes]

I realize that now that I have been banned, the way my punishments are weighted are different, and if I commit another offense, my punishment will more likely be permanent: [how bout dat epic nonono <_<]


RE: pwned by random alt-detector????? - Mono-Si - 04-26-2020


"My friend did it."

RE: pwned by random alt-detector????? - Awmax - 04-26-2020

Is this appeal from 2000 god damn 8? Gives me ptsd just to read it. I agree with drone on this one. -Support

RE: pwned by random alt-detector????? - Logzombie - 04-27-2020

God, the second Jerry we've had banned in this month, I've had to change this forum post 3 times already after finding out that they're not the same person


You're gonna have to try and actually make an appeal other than just say "My friend's account did it and this isn't an alt of his" 
Plus you just admitted to trolling on the server anyway, thus any form of punishment may be entirely justified. Either way, your "friend" was banned 5 years ago back in 2015, perminently. This ideally shouldn't change.

RE: pwned by random alt-detector????? - Panic - 07-13-2020

Just trying to blame it on someone else does not help your case. To add insult to injury you were banned for 'Vote Ban: proppushing repeatedly after being asked not to' just 5 days earlier. The friend you mentioned came on with two other individuals and crashed the server back to back two times in a row. I'm not here to judge you for who your friends are but if they were coming in a group with two of their friends it doesn't look good that you are their friend too. --Support

RE: pwned by random alt-detector????? - daigennki - 07-13-2020

"My X did it" is NOT a valid excuse. Your account, your responsibility. Our records show that the account you are appealing for is an alt of an account which you used to crash the server twice with a friend. Also, this ban for your alt was not done by a bot, but by an actual admin, and you have a voteban on record for prop pushing. Oh, and our super admin says you have several other alts as well. The attitude in your appeal showing no remorse for your actions doesn't help either. Despite it being nearly 5 years since your initial ban, you have clearly not changed. --Support