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sb_new_worlds_2 - CHAOS INSURGENT - 09-27-2020

[ sb_new_worlds_2 ]

[ Addon Usability ]
Since Spacebuild servers are nonexistent at this point, this map would be good for people who like building ships, flying vehicles, and mainly exploration. And, at the bottom of the map, there is a huge open flat space, but the only downside to that, is that its invisible.
Another side to it, is that you can have huge space battles around the map.
Plus, its a classic map.

Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104585425
Image : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8gx70bk4lqpqjhz/Desktop%20Screenshot%202020.09.27%20-%2019.10.31.20.png?dl=0

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - Mrtwister - 10-02-2020

++support hekk yeh, I would love a spacebuild map!

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - Daypath - 10-23-2020

++support Yeah this looks pretty cool.

(someone tell me how to do the ++support thing please)

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - The Plant - 10-29-2020

I like space in general so I’ll give this a [color=#2ECC71]++support [/color]

My dumbass gave ++support by accident so I change it to +support

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - DGL - 10-29-2020

tbh if i wanted to build ships I would go play space engineers or no man sky but the map its self is good.

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - ItsCheezeStik (skittlez) - 10-29-2020

+support All for exploration maps

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - dagnab - 11-16-2020

++support I like this map.

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - Shiaynyi - 11-30-2020


Aerial contraptions aren't my strong suit, but man it just feels like a great map trying it out.

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - Festivized Lizard - 11-30-2020

I've played on this map before, and its been great, not too laggy, good with many players, PLENTY of stuff for anyone, and uses the limited map space very well for a bunch of planets

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - Windows 99 - 11-30-2020

+++support I really like the way that there is a solar system like ours
i would like this map added

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - The Plant - 11-30-2020

you cant give +++support idiot, you can only give ++support

RE: sb_new_worlds_2 - Skeletor - 12-01-2020

+support space