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{PAST EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Conky - 10-14-2020

-Please read EVERYTHING before participating. ANYTHING can change without notice, so pay attention-
- HALLOWEEN Extravaganza 2020 -
[Image: A0B8E4C2B9123260106C6FEA5AC44DC79FCB5D3C]
It's October once again, and you know what that means? The Halloween Extravaganza is just around the corner!
The 9th edition of the Halloween Extravaganza is now upon us, and I'm actually posting this just a bit more than 2 weeks in advance of the actual event so hooray! Last year was an extremely close battle between Rappy (STEAM_0:1:87091074) and SnowWhalez (STEAM_0:0:92235521), but in the end it was Rappy edging out as the winner by just a mere .25 in the scoring! He had a LOT of competition to deal with as we had a record total of 13 contestants by the end of the event, and that is just simply insane! Can Rappy return and defend his 2019 title, or will we have someone else claim the title as #1 this year? Stay tuned to find out!

We hope to see some more amazing creations this year, and I'll see you all there!

- Main Event Info -
Host(s): Conky
(May change)
Date(s): October 30th - November 4th, 2020 (6 days, read Contest info for more)
Start time: Midnight EDT on October 30th, 2020
Map: gm_halloween ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=543556670 )
Staff to Watch over the event:
-Any staff on at the time of the event will be counted as watching over the event-

- Contest Info -
What is it? The main contest is a 6-day Halloween event (4 for building, 2 for judging). It is simply a contest of whoever can build the best Halloween-themed contraption during the 5-day timespan.
What can I make?
You can make, but are not limited to: haunted houses, scenes, vehicles, PACs, etc.

- Contest Rules -
1. You MUST start building on day 1 of the event to be considered fair game. Anything created before the contest starts will not count.
2. Normal server rules will still apply. Please don't minge or else you will be punished for doing so.
3. Do NOT intentionally ruin other participants' work. If you are a contestant doing this, you WILL be automatically disqualified.
4. Do NOT attempt to use others' work and claim it as your own. Such entries will be ignored by judges. Make your OWN stuff.
5. Those not participating must try to not to get in the way of those that are.
6. Judges can't enter in the contest so as to prevent bias.

Contest Prizes
1st$30 game*, 15,000 points, Supporter rank**
2nd$20 game*, 10,000 points
3rd$15 game*, 7,500 points
4th$10 game*, 5,000 points
5th$5 game*, 2,500 points
All others1,000 points, 2 Jukebox Tokens
* Steam game(s) of your choice totalling up to or equal this amount. You can substitute the dollar amount for points (1st Place: 15,000 points, 2nd Place: 10,000 points, 3rd Place: 5,000 points). Decisions don't have to be made automatically, you can wait several weeks/months if needed, though it will be up to you to contact Thomas.
** Non-Supporters will receive the 1st tier of Supporter (Crystal). Supporters at tier 2 (Sapphire), 3 (Emerald), or 4 (Ruby) will be upgraded to their next tier. Supporters already at tier 5 (Diamond) or Staff members may choose between 5,000 extra points or an added $5 to the Steam game.

-Pictures and Videos-
Those that are taking pictures/screenshots of the event can post them here after the event has concluded.

We hope to see many of you guys there for the event, and I hope there are plenty of scares to go around! Hopefully you aren't too scared to show up! Enjoy it if you do show up!

(Due to unforseen server downtime the morning of November 1st, the building period has been extended from 3 to 4 days, meaning judging begins midnight November 3rd and ends midnight November 5th).

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Conky - 10-14-2020

For the sake of having to edit the main event post over and over with adding/subtracting contestant and judges, I have decided to put those categories in their own separate post here.

- Contestants -
Message me or Thomas on the forums, on Steam, or in-game if you want to participate!
You may also reply to this thread asking to join.

[User, SteamID, Rank]
- Undo (STEAM_0:0:152472761) - Holy Crap!
- Skeletor (STEAM_0:1:73547290) - Holy Crap!
- Abridged Mangoes (STEAM_0:1:60790564) - Holy Crap!
- Darken (STEAM_0:1:33384805) - Crystal Supporter
- Logzombie (STEAM_0:1:36143456) - Holy Crap!
- Mrtwister (STEAM_0:0:77812279) - Crystal Supporter
- PumpKindOf (STEAM_0:0:67451334) - Crystal Supporter
- Plants Bones (STEAM_0:1:242877318) - Holy Crap!
- Joe Mamas New Rig (STEAM_0:1:88441286) - Crystal Supporter
- ThatOneTeletubbie (STEAM_0:0:91151124) - Elite
- Zoe Says (STEAM_0:1:52370125) - Diamond Supporter
- The Bloodmoon_V2 (STEAM_0:0:420603018) - Diamond Supporter (Disqualified, building beyond deadline)
- Rankinjra (STEAM_0:1:224214014) - Sapphire Supporter
- PumpkinSpiceMochaFappuccino (STEAM_0:1:54644788) - Emerald Supporter (Dropped out)
- I play to much Payday 2 (STEAM_0:0:484456086) - Expert
- Manti (STEAM_0:0:54911055) - Crystal Supporter
- DB7 (STEAM_0:1:220441640) - Holy Crap!
- JellyBeans (STEAM_0:1:67759219) - Epic
- Funtime Spring Bonnie (STEAM_0:0:438604068) - VIP (Disqualified, PAC created before event)

- Judges -

[User, SteamID]
Thomas (STEAM_0:0:27507323)
- Tw21 (STEAM_0:0:24821916)
- ClockEFFX (STEAM_0:1:34766386)
- Jpdc (STEAM_0:1:104463346)

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - undo - 10-14-2020

I would like to join!

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Skeletor - 10-14-2020

spooky build event? count me in

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Abridged Mangoes - 10-14-2020

Hmm a build event Halloween themed? Count me in!

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Darken - 10-14-2020

I'll be counted as in. I already got plans for what i'll do

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Logzombie - 10-14-2020

Provided my entry is considered legal, I will join in. Can't say I've done this before and I don't expect to win but I hopefully will put forward a half decent creation.

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Mrtwister - 10-14-2020

I shal be part of this.

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - TheMegalo - 10-14-2020

As per usual, I'll be around to watch over the event - Halloween is my favorite event/holiday after all. 👻🎃

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Tw21 - 10-14-2020


RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - PupKindOf - 10-15-2020

I want to be in, also quick question can we create concept art before the competition or is that illegal?

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - fuzzy plant (sand? food supply) - 10-15-2020

first one im gonna experience
i am amused i am join

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Joe Mamas New Rig - 10-16-2020

Ill throw my hat in the ring this time, Sign Me Up

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - ThatOneTeletubbie - 10-17-2020

Id Like to get in! ive got loads of ideas for the comp!

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Zoe Says - 10-18-2020

Unlike before I know for sure I can participate and want to

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Conky - 10-18-2020

All users entering up to this point have been added!

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Rankinjra - 10-19-2020

i would like to Join!

Added - Conky

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - PumpkinSpiceMochaFappuccino - 10-21-2020



Added - Conky

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - ClockEFFX - 10-22-2020

i would like to be a judge

Added - Conky

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - monke on toilet - 10-26-2020

yo fam can i join please

Added - Conky

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Manti - 10-29-2020

I would like in please.

Added - Thomas

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - [Spooky DB7] - 10-29-2020

Hey can i get in i was a bit late i didnt know it was today plz get my in i want to get in cuz it starts in about 48 mins lol sorry about it and i hope someone see's this! =3

Added - Thomas

RE: {ONGOING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Conky - 10-30-2020

The Halloween event has officially started as of a bit over 1 hour ago, so let's have fun and build away!

I will note that after the 1st day concludes, we will NOT be accepting any new contestants for the sake of making sure there is complete transparency of who is or isn't in the contest.

RE: {UPCOMING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - Funtime Spring Bonnie - 10-30-2020

(10-14-2020, 01:13 AM)Conky Wrote: I want to join on the Halloween spirit.

Added - Thomas

RE: {ONGOING EVENT} Halloween Extravaganza 2020 - [IJWTB] Thomas - 11-02-2020

The building period for the Halloween contest has been extended by 24 hours due to the unexpected server downtime earlier this morning.

This means that contestants can continue to work on their entry until 12am EST, November 3rd: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20201103T00&p0=156&msg=Building+Time+Ends+-+Judging+Begins&font=cursive&csz=1

At that time, all work on entries must stop and you should get your entry scored by as many judges possible from November 3rd thru 4th.

Judges are:
- Thomas (STEAM_0:0:27507323) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015280374
- Tw21 (STEAM_0:0:24821916) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009909560
- ClockEFFX (STEAM_0:1:34766386) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029798501
- Jpdc (STEAM_0:1:104463346) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169192421