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[DENIED] 1st Ban appeal - Apu - 01-03-2021

-Player Information-
Your Steam Name: Apu
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:76974830

-Admin Information-
Admin's Steam Name: Meowler =^_^=
Admin's Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:12438880

-Player Interview-
Admin's reason for banning you:
Putting server in limbo, using alt account to evade punishment, 2nd account STEAM_0:1:85313119
1. Crashing People 2. Evading Punishment 3. Minging around with SF and E2
>I did not put the server into a limbo on 2nd March. I got no proof though

Why should your punishment be lifted, and why should we have to trust you after what you did? (Elaborate - minimum effort will not be tolerated):
This is literally the only sandbox build server that im banned on because of doing not so nice things to others. Yes i know it was a bad idea to do such things and i will not repeat to do them again because i know what it feels like to have a frozen pc. The reason why i would like to have this ban lifted is so i can play with friends who play on that server. First i had fun doing that, now this is the punishment for that. Im sorry to everyone who were the victim of my idiotic behavior. I will totally appreciate it if i will get unbanned.

-Offender Agreement (mark the boxes to agree)-
I have read all of the guidelines (found here), and am willing to follow them once more: [x]

I realize that now that I have been banned, the way my punishments are weighted are different, and if I commit another offense, my punishment will more likely be permanent: [x]

RE: 1st Ban appeal - TheLocalNerd - 01-03-2021


RE: 1st Ban appeal - Manti - 01-03-2021

He's cool kid

I still don't know why he pulled all of that before, but I'll keep trusting him because I've seen him being a nice player and I trust that he wouldn't do it again. Keeping my ++support

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Octo - 01-03-2021

++Support a second chance

RE: 1st Ban appeal - [IJWTB] Thomas - 01-03-2021

You've got 3 permabanned accounts. Apu (STEAM_0:1:76974830), 2nd Apu (STEAM_0:1:85313119), 3rd Apu (STEAM_0:1:535015134).

February 29th, 2020:
You came on main, used a blinder on players, and got banned for it.
2 minutes later, came on second and repeatedly spawned an e2 to lag players out, and get banned within 7 minutes.
1 hour later,  reconnect on main and get banned again since people knew you were minging.
7 minutes later, rejoin yet again on second and spawn an e2 called "Black nigger" that lagged clients out, and get banned.
Half an hour later, join on third and repeatedly spawn the client lagging e2 again until you are banned.
Third account is permabanned the same day.

March 1st, 2020:
The next day, join on main and get banned after minging with starfall to continually teleport yourself to other players.
A minute later, join on second because you wanted to complain about being banned. You get banned again for evading.
2 minutes later, attempt to join on third to probably complain again or lag people, but the account is already permabanned.
Your main and second get permabanned later that day.

So...you honestly expect to be unbanned after pulling all of this?
I think you deserve to stay permabanned.

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Meem - 01-03-2021


What Thomas said makes that a hell no.

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Bero - 01-03-2021

I'm going to say --Support
I remember this man joining each time he was banned just to crash or minge, I don't trust him to begin with.

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Sheeter - 01-05-2021

-support cannot be trusted with that lengthy ban history

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Skeletor - 01-05-2021

-support shaking my head

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Rankinjra - 01-05-2021

-snip- Don't derail the appeal, this isn't the place to ask this
- Thomas

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Gronk - 01-05-2021


RE: 1st Ban appeal - Awmax - 01-05-2021

Due to the information provided by Thomas (and the fact that the player in question made no attempt to refute the given claims), I do not think you should be unbanned.


RE: 1st Ban appeal - Mono-Si - 01-20-2021


RE: 1st Ban appeal - Banjo Jones - 01-20-2021

lol no

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Ander - 01-20-2021



RE: 1st Ban appeal - That One Snep - 01-20-2021

-support Nyet

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Spooky Gamer 2012 - 01-20-2021

Looking at what Thomas said, -Support naheat

RE: 1st Ban appeal - Kolaĵo - 01-20-2021

[Image: 5h65h87536h5.png]

RE: 1st Ban appeal - 🌙 Keir of the Night 🌙 - 01-23-2021

I personally don't see this appeal going anywhere but south, at this point.

This appeal is DENIED

If you still wish to pursue an appeal on your status, I suggest being somewhat active on the forum, when you can, to convince the regular players you're worth supporting. Then try appealing again in a couple months from now.