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[DENIED] Minge Appeal - External007 - 03-30-2021

I was apparently minged 9 years ago for being naughty. I have had plenty of time to reflect on my mistakes and while I enjoy the small privileges of being a minge I am requesting to be unminged.

RE: Minge Appeal - Rankinjra - 03-30-2021

there is a certain format you must follow, i do not remember how to get to it tho sorry

RE: Minge Appeal - [DFS] Shovel Knight - 03-30-2021

Format your post.

RE: Minge Appeal - Bala - 07-03-2021

[Message removed by host admin]

RE: Minge Appeal - Spooky Gamer 2012 - 07-03-2021

(07-03-2021, 08:50 PM)Bala Wrote: Admin: TheMegalo
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:20509030
Reason For Minge: Prop pushing players and throwing props at other's contraptions, general minge.
Minge Date: Jul 02, 2014 11:22:01 PM

Its been over 6 years and I've practically rediscovered this server. 
I wanna keep the minge tag and colour but also to be able to play in your server, so uh... ya'll got minge parole or something?


Rip mate
I think you forgot to create a thread not reply... loldoaodlaosdasodosaldolsadl